Free 5-Day Brand in DEMAND Bootcamp for Coaches Reveals:

How to Brand Yourself Like a Pro, Attract the Right Clients, and Create Offers that Sell

(even if you don't have any clients yet)

Let this be the year that you finally live out your purpose doing what you love!


During the free 5-day Brand in DEMAND Bootcamp starting on May 16th, 2022



Build a Magnetic Brand

How the seemingly ordinary things in your life have extraordinary power to build a magnetic brand - IF you use them right and how to tell your brand story in an inspiring way. 


Get Brand Clarity

How to get clear brand messaging and instantly establish yourself as an expert - if you get this wrong your ideal clients won’t even look your way (much less want to work with you).


Create Content that Captivates

Why creating content that establishes trust with your audience is CRITICAL to building your authority and how to do it like a pro - even if you're new to business.


Create Offers that Sell

How to make sure the right clients will want to buy from you and what to always do when you create your coaching offer and why (if you don't get this right, you could miss out on getting new clients).


Design Your Sales Game Plan

How to design a strategic branding and marketing game plan that fits YOU and fuels your sales process - and the one critical mistake coaches make that causes them to leave money on the table.

""I'm so thankful for how you have helped me birth my business!”"

Dr. Dee Evans, Life Coach & Business Consultant

Get clear on your brand messaging and show up looking like a pro! (even if you're new)

I know what it's like to be a new coach and ready to make a bigger impact in others' lives.

There are so many questions! You're probably asking yourself,

  • "How do I start building my brand?"
  • "How do I create my offer?" "
  • "How do I start getting clients?"

The chance to get all of your questions answered is right at your fingertips!

The free 5-day Brand in DEMAND Bootcamp is a safe place for you to get information that you can implement right away. You are going to get tremendous value just for showing up. 

Hit the "YES, I'M IN" button. You'll be glad you did!

That's why during my free 5-day Brand in Demand Bootcamp we'll be digging deep into how to avoid the mistakes that even the most seasoned coaches make, such as:


Not getting crystal clear on their brand messaging (this is critical to differentiating themselves and standing out from the crowd)

Positioning themselves people don’t see them as an expert that they look up to and want to work with

Not having a rock-solid branding and marketing plan in place

During the Brand in Demand Bootcamp, you’ll learn how to avoid ALL of those mistakes, (even if you are brand new to coaching and don’t have any clients yet).

Join my free 5-day Bootcamp that kicks off on May 16th, 2022!

About Shonta Prince

Shonta Prince is a Branding & Marketing Strategist helping new and seasoned coaches, mentors, and consultants to get brand clarity and build a strong online presence so that they can attract the right clients.

Her superpower is helping you to create expert brand messaging so that your audience understands exactly what you do, and helping you show up like a pro, even if you're new.

Shonta served 10 years in the Navy as an Information Systems Technician (IT) and has keen knowledge and experience when it comes to computers, communications systems, Internet, and technology. 

She uses her technical skills to help her clients overcome the complications of technology to succeed online. 

Shonta has helped her clients to build influential brands, launch new coaching programs, sell out of books, run successful ad campaigns and more!


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